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An announcement and update (Galway Girls) will be taking place (hopefully) tomorrow.

This announcement will cover questions about buttons, not using Bella for my new story, why I haven’t gotten to some of my other works, why I’m not taking anymore requests, why I’m not keeping promises I made OVER FOUR YEARS AGO, have I abandoned Altered Paths (which is a big NO). All these things and more will be discussed. That also means I will NOT respond to anymore messages where I am being threatened or blackmailed! I am human and doing the best I can. All those messages do is make me bitter. I will further explain in my announcement.

Thank you for your time,


Quick shout out to those threatening to unfollow me or have my stories deleted.

BYE FELICIA! 😉 *bows*

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Heads up:

That’s my girl!

Harley's Thought's

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know there won’t be any updates this weekend. I took a little me time after all the negativity. I’m currently working on a “surprise” for later on. But I do plan on (if everything works out) having a chapter for Altered Paths and Playing with Fire by sometime next weekend. Thank you for your patience. I would like to clarify that I am not mad at my readers. I received a couple messages of concern and one of you assumed I would give up and be quitting. That’s not going to happen. I love writing too much to ever give up. Besides, that would be letting the ones giving me hell win. Not about to do that. I was only upset with the couple that were messaging me through fanfiction about my wordpress stories and being downright pushy and ugly. This happens to…

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